A Vocaloid is essentially a voicebox used to synthesize melodies and lyrics into song form. Developed by Yamaha Corporation in 2004, Vocaloids first gained popularity in Japan. Now Vocaloid artists can record in Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, and Catalan.

Probably one of the best-known Vocaloids is Hatsune Miku. She was one of the first Vocaloids to make it big and was marketed as a virtual idol. Miku’s personification performed onstage before an audience.

Mayu is a Vocaloid whose voice is processed under the Vocaloid3 processor. She became reality in 2012. Created by Exit Tunes, Mayu is a Vocaloid based on Yandere.

Xingchen, better known as Stardust, is a Chinese Vocaloid. She was the first Vocaloid tested in the Voicebank Customize Project and is run under the Vocaloid4 software.  She was originally a mascot for Quadimension before becoming a Vocaloid.

Oliver is an English Vocaloid who was first introduced in 2011. His voicebox was created through the Vocaloid3 software and is distributed by PowerFX Systems AB. He was one of the first English Vocaloids to gain a large fanbase, largely due to his appearances on the show Bee and PuppyCat.

IA is a Vocaloid voicebox that was initially launched in 2012. She uses the Vocaloid3 synthesizer.






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