In search for some new tunes this summer? Check out this list of 14 iconic Japanese summer songs!

1. E-girls – Love ☆ Queen

If you’re an avid fan of J-pop, you knew this would be on the list. E-girls have many other summer bops, and this one is one of the best!

2. Exile the Second – YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!

This song is guaranteed to have you jumping with its upbeat and energetic sound. Plus, the MV has some funny moments. If you like this song, you should listen to their other songs, such as Shut up!! Shut up!! Shut up!! and WILD WILD WILD.

3. w-inds. – Backstage

w-inds. is a popular group in Japan formed in 2001 in Shibuya, Tokyo. Their first hit song was titled, “Forever Memories.”

4. FAKY – Candy

One of the most iconic one of them all, the high notes will send you into orbit. Fun fact: Former member Anna Sawai will be in Fast & Furious 9, which will come out on June 25th.

5. AKB48 – Ponytail to Shushu

Another cute and upbeat song from AKB48! Fun fact: On October 31st, 2012, AKB48 sold 20 million records in Japan and became known as the best selling girl group in J-pop history.

6. Anri – Last Summer Whisper

One of the most iconic 80’s city pop artists and song. If you enjoy this Anri song, be sure to listen to her entire Timely!! album.

7. Saito Marina – Crazy for You

This song, along with Saito Marina’s other songs, is just so good. It gives of this 80’s city pop vibe despite only being released in 2014.

8. FAKY – Suga Sweet

What would summer be like without FAKY? Fun fact: FAKY stands for Five Ass Kicking Youngsters.

9. MADKID – Summertime

If you happen to enjoy this song of MADKID, be sure to check out their upcoming music video for Gold Medal, premiering June 15th.

10. RIRI – That’s my Baby

RIRI is the queen of making J-pop summer bops! If you enjoy this song, you should definitely check out some of her others, like Rush or her newest song Wheel of Fortune.

11. E-girls – E.G. summer RIDER

Imagine making of list of iconic J-pop summer songs and NOT adding E-girls? Fun fact: The girl in the thumbnail’s name is Ami Nakashima, also known as Ami or Dream Ami. She recently released her digital single “Wonderful World.”

12. lol – perfect summer

After listening to this song, you will indeed have a perfect summer. Fun fact: lol is a co-ed group under Avex Trax that debuted on August 12th, 2015.

13. Fairies – Bling Bling My Love

This isn’t the only banger that Fairies has created. If you enjoy this song, be sure to listen to Bangin’ and More Kiss. Fun fact: Fairies was formed under Vision Factory (now Rising Production) which is known to create amazing J-pop artists such as Namie Amuro, MAX, Da Pump and SPEED.

14. AKB48 – Sukinanda

A great way to end off this list is with another great song from AKB48. If you enjoy this song then you should listen to Love Trip and Shonichi.

Which song was your favorite?

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