Oli London has been the center of controversy in the past and is now trending once again. The British-born social media figure first made headlines when he underwent procedures to look more like BTS’s Jimin whom he idolizes. This surgery was covered for TV and he spent approximately £100,000 to look like his favorite idol. He has also “married” a cardboard cutout of the idol. The latest controversy is surrounding his death and the validity of it.

Oli London stated trending the afternoon of 2021-05-27 after three days of his social media being completely silent. His Instagram page was even memorialized for some time. This comes after him being “canceled” on one of his lives for wanting to look like NCT’s Taeyong. He addressed it with the following statement:


“Thank you to all my loyal fans who are always there for me through good times and bad. I love you all dearly and you all inspire me and keep me going.”

“To the Trolls: shame on you for constantly bullying me, every day targeting me with hate, every day making up false rumors every day trying to bring tears to my eyes. You will never win.”

This is the message memorializing his Instagram account:


It was trending on Twitter about Oli’s death, however, questions began to arise. It was said that he passed away in his London home with a suicide note. Netizens are now expressing outrage after learning that this suicide was a prank, and he is in fact alive and doing well. Despite the anger for faking suicide, some netizens are expressing concern hoping that he does seek professional help.


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