The sequel to MNET’s popular show Road To Kingdom had its finale a few minutes ago.

Whilst all groups worked hard and produced detailed performances, Stray Kids were announced to be the winners of the show after their performance of their new song written for the competition, WOLFGANG.

Kingdom: Legendary War aired over a series of months, beginning on April 1st and ending today, June 3rd, and had 6 K-pop boy groups: SF9, iKON, ATEEZ, BTOB, Stray Kids and the winners of Road to Kingdom, THE BOYZ, compete to win the coveted title of kings.

The finale had performances of the 6 new songs by each group, with Finale by BTOB, At ease by iKON, Believer by SF9, KINGDOM COME by THE BOYZ and The Real by ATEEZ. One vocalist from each group also came together to perform a new ballad titled A Boys’ Diary (English translation).Eunkwang, Donghyuk, Inseong, Hyunjae, Seungmin and Jongho were in this performance.

Congratulations to Stray Kids and all the other competing groups for an incredible show!

You can watch Stray Kids’ winning performance here, and all other performances by all the groups can be found on MNET’s official YouTube channel:

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