EXO has released a teaser image of their new song ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling,’ including member Lay.

On the 26th, SM Entertainment presented teaser photos of each member of the total lunar eclipse concept through various SNS official accounts. In the released photos, EXO members are posing in black costumes in front of a white background.

In particular, the teaser photo also showed Lay, which was surprising to fans. Lay has been solo since 2016 mainly in Korea and China. SM Entertainment said, “Lay will participate in the music video of the special album and title song,” raising expectations for the new song’s activity.

The title track ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling,’ which will be released on June 7th, is a dance genre song with EXO’s energetic charm. The lyrics of the song contain a message of youth to trust in one’s faith and freely run toward the numerous moments of choice one encounters in life.

Last year, Lay was embroiled in a controversy by posting a message on social media commemorating the 70th anniversary of the war, saying, “Remember history and pay tribute to heroes.”

Photo via Koreaboo

The “anti-American aid” war is a Chinese expression of the Korean War, which broke out at dawn due to North Korea’s unexpected invasion of South Korea. The term Anti-American Aid means “helping North Korea against the United States.”

China designates the anniversary as October 25th, when the Chinese People’s Support Army participated in the “625 War” and won for the first time.Β At that time, a petition was filed by the presidential office Cheong Wa Dae, which called for sanctions on Lay’s activities in Korea.

Meanwhile, EXO released the teaser video for ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’ on May 26th.

[Source: Insight via Instagram]


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