Comedienne Park Na-rae, who has been embroiled in controversy over her sexual harassment remarks on a YouTube broadcast, will be under police investigation.

On April 30, the Gangbuk Police Station in Seoul said it is investigating Ms. Park on charges of violating the Child and Youth Sexual Protection Act and performing obscene acts. A police official said, “After receiving a civil complaint about Park Na-rae, we launched an investigation.”

Park Na-rae showed actions such as pushing the doll’s arm toward the groin (to replicate the male reproductive organ) while changing the doll’s clothes on the YouTube entertainment show “Hey Narae” on the 23rd of last month, sparking controversy over sexual harassment.

Photo of ‘Hey Narae’ via Money Today, Naver

In the face of mounting controversy,  the “Hey Narae” YouTube channel turned the video into private and posted an official apology. However, as public opinion grew out of control, the channel ended up shutting down after the second episode.

Some viewers filed complaints with the National Newspaper, saying, “It gave shame and disgust to the viewers.” A police official said, “The problematic video has been erased and we are checking for specific charges based on the contents of the complaint.”

[Source: Financial News via Naver]


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