Trainees from China who made “Anti-American Aid” posts in the past will participate in the girl group audition program, Girls Planet 999, held in Korea.

Mnet’s Girls Planet 999, which was confirmed for the first broadcast in August, is a South Korea-China-Japan girl group debut project program in which 99 participants from different cultures challenge the debut of K-pop idol groups.

While participants from all over the world were seen returning to Korea before the audition began, participants from China and Taiwan have posted messages on Chinese-based social media in the past to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the war.

The “Anti-American Aid” is a Chinese expression of the Korean War, which broke out at dawn due to North Korea’s unexpected invasion of South Korea, meaning that it helped North Korea against the United States. Among the participants, Wang Yare, who participated in the Chinese version of Produce 101, Wang Qiuru of the group SNH48, and Chen Xinwei, a member of the Chinese trainee girl group DAYLIGHT, are rumored to have made said posts.

Last year, idols from China, who are active in Korea, posted a commemorative message of “anti-American aid” and received strong criticism from internet users, including a petition from the Blue House calling for sanctions of their activities in Korea.

In addition, there are many opinions in Korea that show resistance to Chinese participants due to the Northeast Process, history distortion in dramas, and excessive Chinese product placement.

If a participant from China, whose “anti-U.S. aid” statement was confirmed, participates in the broadcast with the post intact and is selected for the final group, there may be strong backlash coming from viewers one after another.

Attention is focusing on whether Girls Planet 999 can win viewers’ hearts despite various controversies.

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[Source: Insight via Instagram]


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