Singer and rapper Jay Park apologized after realizing that the lyrics of MUKKBANG! (Remix) were offensive. At first, he responded to the criticism with “It’s just lyrics” on a now deleted Twitter post.

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Later on the 27th, Jay Park posted a written apology on Twitter, saying, “🙏❤I humbly apologize.” 

In the song MUKKBANG! (Remix), Jay Park addressed the verse “Worship me like Allah,” and added, “At first I didn’t see the problem, but as I read the comments, I see that I used a word some are willing to die behind in my lyrics and it’s not my place to use something that means so much to the Muslim people in my rap lyrics freely.”

He then goes on to apologize to his Muslim fans, saying that his intention was not to disrespect or offend and that he will be more mindful going forward.

On the other hand, the controversial MUKKBANG! (Remix) song was created by rappers Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA and was released on December 4th last year. At the time, singers Bibi, Dumbfoundead and Jay Park featured in the song. Jay Park called himself Allah in one verse, whom is worshipped and respected in Islam.

Regarding this, some netizens pointed out the offensive lyric, explaining how it is disrespectful to their religion.

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