Lee Hyun-joo, a former member of girl group April, heralded legal action against a netizen who spread false information.

On the 26th, Maeil Economic Daily reported that law firm Yeo Baek (attorney Lee Seon-ho) confirmed that a lawsuit was filed against the user who had spread false information and malicious slander about Lee Hyun-joo online, all while claiming to be a former staff member of DSP Media.

“We filed a lawsuit against this person who spread false information by writing malicious slander against Lee Hyun-joo on charges of violating the Information and Communication Network Act.” Said the attorney.

The law firm said it defamed Lee Hyun-joo, pointing out that the netizen posted false information to slander her three times on an anonymous Instagram account on the 23rd.

Lee Hyun-joo said, “We decided that the issue was serious, such as a netizen who posted a malicious article announcing that they would soon specify additional false information, so we took legal action.”

The post in question began to draw attention as it spread to various online communities on the 23rd. A netizen who identified themselves as a former employee of DSP media claimed that Lee Hyun-joo had a secret conversation with her lover, revealing that she was busy hanging out with her boyfriend not long before her debut in April, and that she exchanged sexual requirements with her boyfriend.

The netizen also said, “The company warned you, so you acted like you were the victim and used suicide as a weapon,” and added, “When leader So-min asked you to practice, didn’t you throw a water bottle?”

Currently, the original posts have been deleted, but later the netizen said,

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“I didn’t delete it because it was fakeI got reported so I deleted the post. I feel like this will also get erased right away. All of this is true. I’m definitely not erasing everything at my own will I hope that Lee Hyunjoo can see this post and feel regret even if it’s just for a little bit. There are not only 1-2 people who know about your show. Hyunjoo-yah, you can’t cover up the sky with your own hands.” [Translation by Pannchoa

The post began to spread rapidly without confirming whether the related content was true or false. In particular, one YouTube channel reported on the issue.

Despite the deletion of the page, more screenshots of the posts they’ve made have been archived.

Photo via Pannchoa


Hyunjoo-yah hello?

I’m a worker who worked at DSP ever since you were a trainee

I felt like this world was becoming yours since it was believing all your ridiculous lies so I’m writing this to reveal a few truths

Do you remember?

You entered DSP through the acting path when you were attending SOPA. I feel like nobody will believe me so I’ll upload a few pictures you sent to the company.

I’m sure you know too. You got pretty after getting surgery and suddenly, you were made into the center of April.

Maybe you didn’t want to be in a girl group but it hasn’t even been long since you debuted that you were busy playing around with your boyfriend” [Translation by Pannchoa]


“We will continue to take strong legal action against criminal acts through novel media without leniency or agreement,” Said Yeo Baek, the law firm.

In February, Lee Hyun-joo’s younger brother’s post, which claimed that the reason for Hyun-joo’s withdrawal from April was due to bullying and harassment from within the group, ignited controversy.

Later, Lee Hyun-joo made a post revealing that she had been bullied for three years during her group activities, and DSP Media (April’s agency and Lee Hyun-joo’s current agency) refuted the claim, calling it ‘distorted’ and proceeded to sue Lee Hyun-joo.

[Source: Insight via Instagram]


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