As singer-actor Lee Seung-gi officially admitted his romantic relationship with actress Lee Da-in, Lee Seung-gi’s fans are protesting. A truck rally began to oppose the relationship between the two and expressed opposition through a statement.

Korean Fan Sends A Protest Truck Urging Lee Seung Gi To Cut Ties With His “Girlfriend From A Family With Criminal History” - Koreaboo

Fan of Lee Seung Gi protests his relationship with actress Lee Da In | allkpop
Image of Lee Seung Gi fans’ protest truck

On the 24th, when rumors of their romantic relationship surfaced, Lee Da-in immediately expressed her position that she was dating Lee Seung-gi through her agency. Two days later, Lee Seung-gi also admitted his romantic relationship through his agency Human Made, saying, “We are in the process of getting to know each other little by little with good feelings.”

In response, Lee Seung-gi’s fans started a truck protest in front of his home in Seongbuk-dong. The truck said,

“Are you going to throw away your 17-year-old career? There is only a quick decision. We’ve protected you for 17 years. Now, Lee Seung-gi, please protect AIREN (Lee Seung-gi’s fan club). It’s okay that you didn’t know (about his girlfriend and her family’s past). We’ll let you know now. They’ve made too many victims.”

Lee Seung-gi fans oppose the relationship between the two based on the fact that Lee Da-in’s stepfather was sentenced to prison for stock price manipulation. Lee Da-in’s stepfather (hereinafter called “A”) was sentenced to three years in prison in 2011 for stock price manipulation. “A“, who was released in 2014, was tried on charges of manipulating another stock price in 2016. He was sentenced to four years in prison in the first trial, but was acquitted in the second trial because his defense was accepted.

Update: Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In Confirmed To Be Dating + Dispatch Reveals Photos | Soompi
Dispatch photos of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In

This is due to concerns that Lee Seung-gi could negatively affect the upright image he has accumulated by associating with this family. “The truck is circling around Seongbuk-dong,” said a fan who led the truck rally. “At night, I plan to go around in front of Lee Seung-gi’s house.”

However, on the 28th, a statement was posted at the DC Inside Lee Seung-gi fan Gallery to support the relationship between the two. The statement said,

“Lee Seung-gi’s long-time fans support and respect his choice and express their determination to continue to support Lee Seung-gi’s activities in the entertainment industry. Some fans are worried about the sudden dating rumors, but I don’t worry much because I think they will know Lee Seung-gi’s sincerity over time.”

The day after the statement was released, Lee Seung-gi’s fan Gallery immediately issued a rebuttal statement. The gallery said on the 29th,

“We have never issued a statement of support for Lee Seung-gi’s romantic relationship. We confirm that Lee Seung-gi’s fan Gallery statement is prepared through voting and procedures, and that all other statements are fake. We respect Lee Seung-gi’s privacy, but there are no fans who will support his relationship, which should be criticized as an event that has nothing to do with Lee Seung-gi.”

[Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Nate]


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