‘A,’ who claims to have suffered school violence from Park Cho-rong, a member of the group Apink, appealed again on the 7th. It has been a day since Park Cho-rong denied the allegations and announced her legal response.

“There is a situation in which the student admitted to the school violence,” A said, releasing a transcript of the call with Park Cho-rong.

“I thought she would admit the facts, but I was embarrassed because she didn’t,” A said. “I will continue to take legal action to reveal the truth, but I want to let Park Cho-rong know first that she admitted the school violence.”

A said in the recording, “As far as I remember, your friend said, ‘Cho-rong said you should just hit me,’ and I got hit that day. You slapped me on the cheek and kicked me in the shin with your feet, so I got bruised.” She then asked, “Don’t you think such a shock would last a long time if you were me?”

Park Cho-rong replied, “No, I don’t think I can forget it.”

When A asked again, “If you think you got married later and your daughter was in that situation, wouldn’t you really care?”

Park Cho-rong said, “No. I’m sincerely sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, and I should have communicated with you about any misunderstanding, but I think I was very angry.”

“Even then, you should have apologized to me if you were going to be a celebrity and keep appearing on TV,” A said. “I kept living in that pain.”

Park Cho-rong said, “I came up after an audition in a hurry, and it progressed in a short time, so I think it is true that I didn’t take care of everything one by one like I should’ve.”

Park Chorong’s explanation via Instagram

Park Cho-rong’s agency, PlayM Entertainment, issued an official position after the release of the recording and refuted, “It (the recording) was only partially extracted and maliciously distorted.”

After the transcript was released, Park Chorong’s agency, Play M Entertainment, issued an official position and refuted that “only part of it was excerpted and maliciously distorted.”

The agency said, “At the time of the first call, ‘A’ contacted Cho-rong threateningly, and there was a lot of concern about unexpected behavior, such as talking about private life which was not related to the issue and not true,” adding, “Park Cho-rong first did not ask for private details, but apologized.”

“We apologized regardless of the reason because we were close in the past and there were conflicts,” they said. “We did not acknowledge the assault. We have the first and second recordings, too. We have submitted all the records and evidence to the police. We are refraining from unnecessary stories, but we will disclose them if necessary.”

Park Cho-rong posted a message on social media on the 6th when allegations of school violence were raised by A’s revelation, denying that “she has never slapped, undressed, or assaulted as ‘A’ claims.”

However, regarding the disclosure of photos of drinking as a minor, she said, “I’m sorry for causing you concern. I apologize without any excuses.”

[Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver]

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