Amid allegations that an actress hired thugs to assault someone in retaliation for exposing her abuse of power, the actress began to explain her side of the story.

Actress Jin Ah-rim said in an interview with OSEN on the 31st, “I did not have a power trip, nor did I mobilize a gangster,” and added, “It was my fans who assaulted ‘A,’ the victim, and I went to see ‘A’ because I was threatened, and the assault occurred on both sides.”

According to the YTN report earlier, Gangnam Police Station in Seoul is investigating a man in his 30s without detention on charges of assault. ‘B’ is suspected of punching another man in his 30s who was sitting in a car parked on a road in front of a park in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, at 2:50 a.m. on the 28th.

The victim claimed on SNS that he was assaulted in retaliation after revealing allegations that the actress had overused her power by demanding free drinks several times.

In response, Jin Ah-rim said,

“I became friends with ‘A,’ who recognized me at the club, on social media. But, I blocked him because he seemed to be a strange person. Then, he maliciously edited a post posted by a club president who had nothing to do with him and posted it saying I was abusing my power. I told the fans how upset I was, and when the fans went and said that they were fans of Jin Ah-rim, ‘A’ swore and it became a two-way assault.”

She went on to say how the fans have turned her image into a “gangster” and “psychopath” and how it’s unfair the way she’s being treated, as she believes she is the victim in this case. “Rather, I’m the victim.” said Jin Ah-rim. “I’m being threatened by anti-fans, demands for settlement money,” she said, adding that she sued ‘A’ for defamation.

However, ‘A”s side said,

“The actress who saw the expose article called and the assailant appeared within 20 minutes of telling me the location. The man who tattooed his arm hit the victim in the car recklessly, and the assailant said, ‘ I think I hit him without knowing that the CCTV is there.'”

The intention is that Jin Ah-rim ordered the assault. Police are considering whether to charge Jin Ah-rim with assault and incitement charges.

Jin Ah-rim starred in the musical “Love Comes True” in 2012 and the movie “In the World Without a Mother” in 2016.

[Source: Han via Naver]


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