A man who exposed an actress’s alleged power trip was indiscriminately assaulted in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul. The victim claimed that the actress retaliated by mobilizing gangsters.

According to reports, a man with a full tattoo on his arm assaulted a man sitting in a car. The man who gets hit is in pain with his head wrapped around him, but the fists doesn’t stop. The assault lasted for nearly 20 minutes until a friend in the passenger seat called 112 and police were dispatched.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. on the 28th. The victim was in a car parked in front of a park in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, when a tattooed man came and started hitting him.

At that time, the assailant surrounded the front and back of the vehicle with three cars that the group had taken and assaulted the victim through the window. The victim identified an actress he had known before as the mastermind of the assault. Recently, the victim posted a revelation on SNS about the actress’s power trip, which means it’s likely that this attack was a retaliation.

Afterwards, the man said he was receiving hospital treatment because he couldn’t hear well due to being hit in the head intensively and was suffering from extreme fear.

However, the actress countered that she only explained the resentment she had for the article made about her to her close acquaintance, the perpetrator, and refuted that she had never ordered a retaliatory assault.

Police are investigating a man in his 30s on charges of assault. In addition, the two sides will also consider whether to charge the actress with assault and incitement charges.

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[Source: YTN via Naver]


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