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  1. badcrookshanks™

    just failed my first exam

    which is ironic, because I want to leave the university, but the university doesn't want me to leave
  2. badcrookshanks™

    New Events Team Members!

    @(Registered) Thank you to all the people that applied for the team! We loved your ideas! We're very happy to announce that @Mike Wazowski & @la vie en rose✿ will be joining our team! Give them a warm welcome! :pepekissy: Also if you have ideas/comments, don't forget to visit the...
  3. badcrookshanks™

    ☆ Official Events Suggestion Thread ☆

    Welcome to the Official Events Suggestion Thread! This forum is full of creative people. And just like with all healthy functioning democracies, we wouldn't survive without the voice of those people - this is the perfect place for you to pitch in your own ideas, so we can steal implement them...
  4. badcrookshanks™

    JOY 'Je T’aime' Live Video

    Pre-release is here :pepesoft: @Reveluv Fandom
  5. badcrookshanks™

    Mamamoo said EPIC - WAW TEASER - Destiny Ver.

    LETS GOOOO :peperage: @Moomoo Fandom
  6. badcrookshanks™

    ☆ Bowkylion badge thread ☆ //finished//

    Hello to the Bowkylion badge thread. Please make sure to read the rules before submitting your suggestions! And also check her out, she's amazing! Fantaken images aren't allowed This is simply to protect the author and their copyrighted images. Clear images with passable quality Blurred...
  7. badcrookshanks™

    Red Velvet JOY Special Album [안녕 (Hello)] 2021.05.31

    ANTICIPATE THE QUEEN :joybop::joyheart: @Reveluv Fandom
  8. badcrookshanks™

    Mamamoo - 11th Mini Album [WAW] 2021.06.02

    MARK YOUR CALENDARS :peperage::dance::yas: @Moomoo Fandom
  9. badcrookshanks™

    TXT - The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE - Concept Photo 'BOY'

    :yooadead: :yooadead: :yooadead: @MOA Fandom
  10. badcrookshanks™

    TXT - The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE - Concept Photo 'WORLD'

  11. badcrookshanks™


    DOES THAT MEAN WHEEIN RENEWED????? :yas::dance: @Moomoo Fandom
  12. badcrookshanks™

    Red Velvet’s Joy to make her solo debut

    I’m so happy :joyblush: but OT5 whennnn :seulgicry: @Reveluv Fandom
  13. badcrookshanks™

    Guild Carnival 〈 Flip the Duck 〉

    Hosted by yours truly @badcrookshanks™ Welcome to Flip the Duck booth! Make sure to go over a few simple rules before playing, so everything will be clear! Rules - I'll present to you 20 ducks to claim. It's first come, first serve, so remember to be around when the event is up if you want...
  14. badcrookshanks™

    🎪 Guild Carnival 🎪

    Welcome to HallyuCentral’s official Guild Carnival, which will take place between 9th and 15th May! Get caught up in the whirlwind of fun, but remember to look out for danger! During this carnival, you will be able to earn points for your guild in order for your guild to top the leadership...
  15. badcrookshanks™

    Red Velvet 'Peek-A-Boo' MV hits 200M views!

    Another one! :wendylove: @Reveluv Fandom
  16. badcrookshanks™

    Happy Wonpil Day!

    Happiest birthday to vocal king Wonpil! 🥳🎉 While you're here, stream SOTY: @My Day Fandom
  17. badcrookshanks™

    DAY6 "You make Me" M/V

    I'M IN FREAKING LOVE IT'S SO GOOD :pepeshycry::pepesadlove:
  18. badcrookshanks™

    birthday gift ideas for my brother?

    I have week left to come up with an idea for a birthday gift for my brother, and when I asked what he wants he said 'surprise me' like bitchhh :d1wat: I'm desperate for ideas, plsss halp :sanapray: he's older than me btw
  19. badcrookshanks™

    Red Velvet 'Russian Roulette' MV hits 200M views!

    It's their 3rd mv to do so after Bad Boy & Psycho! :kyu: Next up Peek-a-boo let's gooooooo! :yas: @Reveluv Fandom
  20. badcrookshanks™

    Red Velvet members guarded Wendy at SBS today

    as they should, best girls wbk :slay: @Reveluv Fandom
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