WEi made their comeback on 2021-06-09 with Bye Bye Bye. Bye Bye Bye is the title track off their latest mini-album Identity: Action. Identity: Action has five unique tracks.

Bye Bye Bye

Bye Bye Bye is a fun summer track. It is the audio version of sitting on a beach on a hot summer day kicking back with a nice cold drink of choice. The funky chorus along with the soft and powerful vocals of the verses wrap together into a beautiful package.

White Light

White Light is a soft track that really strips down to hear their vocals. This ballad track has a soft instrumental that really puts fans in their feels


Waitin’ starts out with a whistle-like tone and opens with a rap verse. It’s unlike the other songs on the album as it mixes rap-inspired elements with ballad-like vocals.


Ocean gives the vibes of playing beach volleyball with a group of friends on a beautiful summer afternoon. This would be the type of song to blast over loud speakers.


RUi is another ballad song. RUi is also the name of WEi’s fandom. This is a love song to their fandom, showing how much they appreciate their fans.


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