Group MONSTA X will return to the domestic music scene in seven months. According to Star News coverage on the 1st, MONSTA X will release a new album in Korea in June.

The comeback came about seven months after their third full-length album “FATAL LOVE,” which was released in November last year. It is rumored that MONSTA X has completed all-time high-quality albums by releasing various domestic activities as well as overseas albums.

Last year, MONSTA X set various records by recording their highest initial sales with ‘FATAL LOVE’. In particular, they won the “Stage of the Year” category at the “2020 Asia Artist Awards” (2020 AAA), winning their first grand prize in six years after their debut, and swept the awards at various awards including the “2020 MMA” Best Performance and the “2020 MAMA Best Stage.”

In March, they also released their single “WANTED” in Japan, ranking second in Oricon weekly singles and second in Tower Records weekly singles chart for two consecutive weeks.

Photo of ‘WANTED’ charting Tower Records Website
Attention is focusing on what other records MONSTA X, who have been on the rise since its debut six years ago, will set with this new album!

Are you excited for MONSTA X’s New Album?

[Source: Star News via Daum]


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