C9 Entertainment boy group, being born from 2002-2005, EPEX made their official debut on 2021-06-08 with Lock Down. The title track is very hip-pop/rap inspired. The whole album tackles the serious topic of mental health and bringing awareness to how people may feel.

A contagious lie

The place of truth, stealing

Everyone swears, fights, laughs at others, feel like disease

Only disguising the appearance, you and me and everyone Masquerade

They talk about the effect of social media use and how it can play a role in our mental health. It talks about how social media use and engagement have been on a rise since Covid and discussing how this could potentially have an effect. This song discusses being someone you’re not, either outwardly or internally.

Lock Down is the title track off their debut mini album: Bipolar pt1 Prelude of Anxiety.


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